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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evilot a Puzzle/Defense game by Syrenaica!

Syrenaica is a Chilean game company... and they're currently developing their first game. Oscar Contreras, who has worked as a Development Director at Electronic Arts, is the founder of Syrenaica. Their game Evilot is an interesting and vibrant, yet familiar puzzle/defense game. You can visit their Kickstarter page to learn more about their game!  

As Count Dolfus, an evil overlord, you want to enjoy some R&R and live the rest of your life in peace. But with lurking heroes and adventurists looking to steal your most prized possessions, it proves to be a difficult endeavor.

To repel these do-gooders, you must rally your army of minions and protect whats yours!

Evilot plays like a standard puzzle/defense game, but with some unique gameplay added in.
The team has developed a "combo mechanic" system, to make the game more engaging to the player.
Once you have placed 3 units in a row or column, those units are removed from the board and get replaced by a single unit, but at a much higher level.

Choosing your defense, which units to send in, are recurring decisions you must address. This adds a strategy element which other known titles lack.
Another feature which makes this game unique is how you amass your army. Rather than collecting resources and having to buy units, you build up your combos, then you will be able to place more units onto the board. Bigger combos, bigger army.

With your help, the Syrenaica team will be able to raise enough funds to record Evilot’s soundtrack with a LIVE orchestra, which will be performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra. This will be possible once Syrenaica reaches the initial goal of 10,000 USD, any additional funds will be used to improve the game.

Syrenaica's Kickstarter project ends on Friday September 7th. Thats ten days from the time this post goes live.
Whether you pledge or not, drop them a note to show your support.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

StringZ a mobile game by Wingz Studio! - REVISED

It has been a pretty awesome week!... Why?... Well, I've been playing StringZ like crazy this week... That's why! After playing the HD Full version, I HAD to revisit this post and make it into a proper review of Wingz Studio's StringZ.

Wingz Studio is an indie mobile game developer based in Portugal... which I had the pleasure of discovering just recently. So, I wanted to support them and their game. StringZ is a physics based game, which I'm a big fan of! You're an alien, Z, who gets separated from his confounded contraption he calls a spaceship... And it's your job to guide him back!

After countless attempts, I have managed to obtain all stars within the StringZ universe! And I had a blast doing so.

It took me a bit to adapt to the control scheme (not very familiar with mobile gaming), and it was slightly difficult for me to select the string to adjust (Fat Fingers), BUT as soon as I had it down, I was off creating intricate paths for Z to take, in order for him to reach the stars!
It's a pretty solid concept from the ground up.

You can select between regular string or elastic string... And you will NEED both, if you want to acquire all stars.
The worlds are engaging and the puzzles are mysterious and puzzling, which is appealing to a person like myself.
I want to be challenged!

The best thing is that no one play-through is the same!

If you're as much of a fan of physics based, puzzle games as I am... Then you should definitely try it out NOW!
If you're low on cash, you can download it for FREE!!!
If you liked it or just want to support them, you can BUY it for next to nothing!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tire (High Poly)...

Something i was working on... Just posting this up so you guys don't think i'm slacking off!!!... I'm hard at work researching anything my brain can soak up... 

After i finish the controller, which is not long from now, i plan on continuing with this model.
I plan on baking the detail down to a lower poly model, texturing, etc... And rendering using the Unreal Engine.
I have many ideas and am VERY excited about future projects... 

To not give too much away... I wanna start showing some love to one of my favorite hobbies... GAMES! Which is a field I'm very interested in and hope to keep contributing towards...

Anyway, I hate rambling... Don't worry i'll keep future posts short and to the point.